The Threat of Low Back Pain and Ways to Take Control


According to the most recent Global Disease Study, low back pain is the top reason for disability in the world. While it is generally considered difficult to treat, new discoveries are being made that offer more effective methods. Here is some background and recent ideas about dealing with low back pain.   

Low Back Pain is...
caused when we abuse the muscles, bones, discs, nerves, or connective fascia that support the lower back or hips. In most cases there is no medical condition involved, but long-term or sudden abuse may lead to more serious problems such as disc degeneration. We generally identify it when we feel muscle aches, radiating sensations from the back into the leg, or limited mobility in this region. If it has lasted longer than 3 months, it is considered to be chronic. In addition to the physical consequences, studies have also found that chronic low back pain is associated with reduced mental health cognitive impairments.