” If it's not deep, it’s not AustinDEEP”

The AustinDEEP Massage is designed to help relieve chronic muscle tension in your body. With our combination of deep heat and firm pressure we tailor the massage to address your tight areas. 

We feel your pain, here's how we work

DEEP HEAT – Several different modalities of heat such as heat packs, heating liniments, and hot towels are provided to treat tight and stubborn muscles.


DEEP PRESSURE – Our therapists focus on the deeper layers of muscle. Applying pressure to problem areas throughout the body can loosen tissue, increase range of motion, and lessen pain.


DEEP TISSUE - The AustinDEEP Massage addresses restricted fascia and knots, which will help to reduce stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle tightness.


DEEP RELIEF - This is the state of relaxation that clients and their muscles will experience after receiving AustinDEEP’s variety of therapeutic services.

The AustinDEEP Signature Massage includes:

  • Therapeutic Hot Packs for Deeper Heat

  • Hot Steamy Towels

  • Acucups as desired

  • Heating Liniments for Inflammation

  • New Clients Will Receive a Complimentary 35 Minute Far Infrared Heated Massage Session before their 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage