Stephanie Livieres, Deep Tissue Massage Client at AustinDEEP in Austin, TX
Stephanie Livieres


"AustinDEEP is amazing! After surgery last year I was suffering from chronic back pain which left me constantly tired and irritable. After just one deep tissue massage session at AustinDEEP, my massage therapist was able to knead most of the tension and knots out of my back. It produced such a drastic decrease in my pain level that I realized how much my back pain was affecting every aspect of my life. Once it was completely gone (thanks AustinDEEP!), I felt like a whole new person! It was incredible to have energy again.

A visit to AustinDEEP strips away all the stress in your body, leaving a relaxed and happy client! It hurts, but it hurts SO GOOD!"

Lisa, Deep Tissue Massage Client at AustinDEEP in Austin, TX


"I have been a client at Austin Deep for well over 6 years! Their deep tissue massage therapy has helped me to do my best athletically, playing a part in keeping me injury free as I trained for marathons and ultra-marathons over the years. With their help, I have accomplished bucket list dreams including the Boston Marathon several times. But, even more importantly, the team at Austin Deep has been a strong resource for me mentally as they listen to and understand your ever changing needs. My husband and sons (from a young age) have also been clients of Austin Deep over the years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for whatever your massage needs may be! I feel better and leave with a smile every time!"

Rocky & Janet, Deep Tissue Massage Clients at AustinDEEP in Austin, TX
Rocky & Janet


"There simply is no better place in Austin for deep tissue massage work. If you want to fall asleep while a therapist talks about chakra, new age mumbo jumbo or about how reiki "transformed my life" Austin Deep is not the place for you. But if you want highly trained professionals who understand how to provide relief from chronic aches and pains and allow you to walk out not only feeling significantly better but also having enhanced functionality, better range of motion and improved flexibility, than Austin Deep is where you want to be. It's good and good for you."

Diego Chacon, Deep Tissue Massage Client at AustinDEEP in Austin, TX
Diego Chacon


"Austin Deep changed the way I view healthy living. As a dancer and yogi I find myself needing that extra little something that pushes me to the next level in my practice. My secret weapon is Austin Deep‘s amazing deep tissue massage therapy. I recover faster, move better, and feel a deeper sense of physical relief."

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